Public versus Homeschool

I as well as my husband both attended public schools our whole childhood, when it  became my daughter’s turn to start school, I hesitated. My daughter already had a slow to speak deficit. She was five years old and still speaking only a few words. I started working with her at home instead of enrolling her. In Tn she isn’t required to start until she is six anyhow. She was not quite on que with not only her speech but she also was lacking social and motor skills. I knew that it would only be wrong for me to send her to the wolves of school. As I started working with her at home she started to blossom. she could now hold a pencil and write, she was learning her letters, colors, and was gaining self-confidence everyday. I couldn’t believe it. The dark side to this story is I had plenty of negative feedback with family as to why I would choose to not send her to school. And even if the proof was in the pudding, they couldn’t wrap their heads around home school. With the endless negativity I caved for my sanity and sent her to school. She had missed the first nine weeks of school and it was told to me that she was behind. The school system tried everything with her, or so they said. After a couple of months went by my husband and I were called into a meeting and were told she would not graduate kindergarten. That was not going to happen. We than again pulled her out of school and gave home school one last shot. We signed up with a local umbrella school, chose a curriculum, and she and I worked one on one the rest of the year. She has not only caught up with her peers but had graduated kindergarten and is now doing very well in 1st grade. School systems is only for a way for a child to get lost in the mix.

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