Some days are harder

Some days are harder than others. This morning it was very hard to wake my daughter, even though she was physically out of her bed, I’m pretty sure she left her brain there. As I brought her to the table to start on our planned work for the day, she struggled to wake up. So I picked her up and set her on the table, where she continused to curl in a ball and sleep. I decided that forcing her to sit and work in a chair would only make things worse. Que mom’s next plan. ” Ok Hannah I will let you stay on the table if you write these words her on page 3. She started laughing and agreed. Victory for mom once again! Sometimes on the harder days you have to work with what you got. Remember they are kids and are not ready to have pressure on them yet. We worked for an hour and she slowly fell into the rhythm of habit. We took a light day, no harm no foul. The last thing any parent needs is a crabby child. Work with what you got.

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