Starting with a curriculum

When I made the decision to choose home school, I was so lost in how to start. I made the worst mistake ever and was comparing where I was to other mom’s who have been veterans. They had all of the curriculum chosen and everything was organized and color coded. Let me tell you this is a huge no no. Let me tell you why, I did it. Have you ever looked at an arts and crafts on pinterest and it looks like something you could master for sure than your final product looks nothing like the picture, same thing here. I thought I was large and in charge. I bought school supplies, picked up some books and flashcards from walmart. I was ready, so so wrong. The key is to pace yourself and learn as you go. I know I just sounded like a bad country song, but it is so true. Only you and your child will be able to feel out the materials you are ready for.

I can give you some materials that I have come across that helped guide me to start. I found these books called 180 days of…. my daughter is in first grade so those are the ones we are currently using. They allow you to make sure that you have your child in school 180 days of the year. They again were a great guide. Try them, they could work for you. They offer nearly every subject you need to start out and provide. Good luck  and happy learning

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