Time managment

Lets’s talk managing time. I have a lot to do most days. I have to not only make sure I not only have the school schedule in place with the girls but also make sure that I am still caring for the house. Between laundry, dishes, and cooking meals throughout the day, I have to vacuum, and deal with a fussy four-year old. I feel the best way to get everything done is to spilt it into two halves. The first half of the morning consists of breakfast, dressing the kids and starting a load in the washing machine or dishwasher. About this time it is time to start the first two hours of school. Around two hours of school in the morning, I found to be enough for their little brains. Than I let them have screen time, and while they are consumed, I finish up the loads that I had started earlier this morning. Setting a daily routine is a must. It makes the house flow alot easier. After lunch I finish up with the last two hours of school and I let them choose the subjects. Giving your child the reins with help them feel more grown up and ultimately have a more enjoyable time. I can’t say it enough routine, routine ,routine.


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