Dont’ overthink their education

There are plenty of days when I wonder if my daughters are on cue with what is expected of them, but then I start to remember that both my girls started walking and talking at different ages. All of your kids will pick up different things at defferent times. I am that parent who can care less what statiistics say. I am pretty sure those are based on the average kids, whatever that means. Who gets to actually decide if your kids are on the right track, that is now your job. As their parents teach them based what is comfortable for both of you. They will let you know. My youngest daughter is only four and most days she doesn’t want anything to do with school and that is ok, but every now and than she will say “mommy help me write my name. My other child will tell me she wants to read today instead of math, and that is ok too. Even if you have a rigourous schedule in place, sometimes mixing up your monday’s and thursday’s won’t hurt. If learning becomes to much of a job for your child, dim it down and only focus on two subjects that day instead of four. Remember kids are not ready for full time jobs yet, feel it out their moods and flow with the punches, or as dad says call an audible.

Relax and recoupe

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