Life learning & rewarding games

My daughter loves rhyming games so I manipulated the situation and use it as a spelling tool. I used it with Hannah as a game to earn points. I start with the word like frog she comes up with a rhyming word and if she can spell it as well she gets a point. Her choice was dog, she spelled it correctly and got a point. Any lesson that you do can turn into a game with a reward system. Make it fun, be clever, engage with your child. The joys of homeschool is that it’s not a chore it’s fun. Remember this homework is always a great way to teach your children. Towels need folding, great lesson, dinner needs cooking, another lesson. learning stuff in school is all about stuff you’ll use in real life so let’s teach your kids stuff that they will actually need in life, plus they learn and housework gets done everyone wins.

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